Aircraft solutions for precise and efficient monitoring in the energy sector and beyond

Indonesian Vulcano

Revolutionizing Energy Monitoring with Autonomous, Eco-Friendly Airships

FloFleet transforms the energy sector with innovative airborne solutions delivered by our fleet of autonomous and electric airships. Prioritizing sustainability and effectiveness, our airships feature cutting-edge solar panels, enabling emissions-free operation for up to a week at a cruising speed of 30 km/h.

An Unmatched Solution for Energy Asset Monitoring

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Cost Effective

Decrease operational costs of airborne monitoring by 50%

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10x more precise data in geophysics analysis compared to current solutions

Net Zero or reducing net greenhouse gas emissions to zero. low carbon emission concept Climate neutral strategy limits global warming, green icon on wooden block
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Emission Free

Airships produce the energy directly on board thanks to solar panels

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Indonesian Vulcano
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Our airships are equipped with the best devices to identify oil fields, orphan wells and rare-earth, reducing operational costs.

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Identification of pipeline leaks

Timely detection of pipeline leaks using advanced sensors on board the airships, ensuring safety and efficiency in infrastructure management.

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Power Grid


Inspecting power grids with autonomous airships to identify faults and prevent outages, enhancing the reliability of the energy service.


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Andrea Cecchi

Co- Founder & CEO

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Giulia Fasoli

Co- Founder & CTO HW

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Andrea Buson

Co- Founder & CTO SW

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Enrico Bossi

Financial Advisor

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Giulio Fini

Operation manager advisor

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Francesco Ghiglione


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Fabio Manganiello

Business Advisor

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Carlo E.D. Riboldi

Aerospace Advisor

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Edoardo Marcis

Business Developer

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